Dear friends

I have a very special announcement to make – our grandson Michael Jones has just released his first album. As an 18 year-old and about to start a degree course at London School of Theology, this is a wonderful achievement! Of course I’m biased, and so very proud of him, but I really believe this is a remarkable recording.

CHANGE MY LIFE has 12 songs, with lyrics and music by Michael himself, and he has also made all the arrangements, instrumentally and vocally.  He has involved all three generations, grandparents, parents, sister, uncles and cousins in some way. The songs are devotional and reflect various aspects of our personal Christian life, and reflect a great maturity. Michael’s musical style is influenced by singer-songwriters such as Steven Curtis Chapman, but there are also undeniable elements of jazz that reflect his experience playing in various ensembles.

The CD is available from our CMM site, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. There are also YouTube links to an interview with Michael about the album, and 2 sample songs:

Change my life

Samaritan Heart

Roger (ie. A very proud Grandad!)

PS. On a previous mailing, which was about various CMM events coming up, unfortunately the link for the THREE WISE CAMELS with a choir and orchestra, on Saturday 06 November, didn’t work properly. Hopefully here is the correct link. We’d love to see you all there!


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