Dear Friends

It has been good to have started our season of CMM Music Weeks. The Rydal Hall event was a tremendous blessing for us all, and we look forward to the Conwy, Scargill and Overstrand weeks. (details below).

Our Annual Supporters’ Evening will be on Thursday 30 June at 8pm. This will be “live” on YouTube, and will include latest news, review of the past year, a “Saints Alive!” taster and my annual address.  It is always wonderful to see so many joining us on the night.  A YouTube link will come later this month, but please book the date.

Of course, a major focus now is the release of SAINTS ALIVE! and the Premiere on 9th July.

  • Music Book and CD – available end of June, but advance sales really help our cash-flow. You can order on the CMM website here
  • To book for 9th July and for more details please visit the website here

I’ve been meaning to ask this for some time – or our itinerant work we need a couple more free second-hand iPads or Android Tablets. These need not be the latest models as we just need to run our “Power Music” programme with playlists of sheet music PDFs.  (Our portable file of photocopies has become horrid and unmanageable!)  If you think you may be able to help, please contact me ASAP! or ring 01527 576440.

Lots of love and prayers to you all!

Roger Jones

Music Weeks:

  • “Saints alive!! preview – Beechwood Court, Conwy, North Wales – 01492 593405 or
  • “Torn Curtain” – Scargill House, Yorkshire Dales – 01756 760500 or…/learn-a-musical-in-a-week/
  • “Three Wise Camels” – The Pleasaunce, Overstrand, Norfolk – 01263 579212 or

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