Worship Works

A practical handbook on worship co-written by Roger Jones, Helen Pollard and Annie Routley. Filled with illustrations and cartoons, this helpful book is rooted in local church worship with lots of activities for individuals, groups and congregations. Chapters include: Being a worshipper, Planning praise, Belonging in a local fellowship, Healing through worship, Running a choir or music group and lots more. This book is ‘designed to make worship more considered, more rooted in Scripture and more worthy of the God who, so Jesus told us, seeks for worshippers who will come before Him in spirit and in truth’ Bishop Timothy Dudley-Smith.

Spirit Works

A practical resource rooted in local church life, sharing the joy and excitement of living life in the power of the Holy Spirit. Co-written by Roger Jones, Helen Pollard and Annie Routley, this book asks ‘do we want more of God in our lives, in our worship, in our church life?’ Like ‘Worship Works’, this book is filled with diagrams, illustrations and real-life anecdotes. ‘Roger is often known as the musical man, but he and his team always bring so much more as they are truly people of the Spirit. He, Annie and Helen share great wisdom and practical skills here, all gleaned from years of fruitful work across a wide spectrum of churches and they show how this Holy Spirit stuff really works’ Brian Harley, URC Minister and Chairman of GEAR – the URC’s group for evangelism and renewal.

Musical Man

Based on extensive research and interviews, Graham Allan’s biography demonstrates that reliance on talents and skills alone is not enough. Without the support of friends and family, and above all the guidance and help of God’s Holy Spirit, Roger’s story could have been so different. ‘Tinkling the ivories will get you nowhere, Jones’ – Maths teacher, Alston Road Boy’s School, c.1960.

Home Group Bible Studies

One of the core beliefs at the heart of CMM is that, while the musicals do all share the gospel, it is essential that people are also able to deepen their relationship with God. Often, those that benefit most from the musicals, are those that perform them. To further this aim, every musical is accompanied by ‘Xtras’ which include simple Bible study notes that might be used to enable speakers to share a few thoughts during a rehearsal or as a launchpad for a sermon series. 

Over the last few years we have taken this concept deeper and released more comprehensive study materials aimed at church small groups but which may also be used for personal devotion. So far, these studies exist for the following musicals: Rock, Barnabas, Torn Curtain, Wildfire and Jail Break.