‘I was overwhelmed by the power of the whole experience’ – Claire, Cyprus

‘People learn when you tell them a story’ (David Spriggs, Bible Society), and when you set that story to music, something wonderful happens!

CMM has a rich resource of 24 musicals by Roger Jones – all on Biblical themes. Putting on a musical in your school, local church or group of churches is a great way of enjoying fellowship and music-making together, building community and involving people with lots of different skills: singing, playing instruments, costumes, props, admin, sound system and technology, publicity and prayer. All of CMM’s musicals are adaptable and achievable whatever your local resources, and everyone taking part, as well as the audience who come to watch, are able to be built up in their faith in Christ. Visit our shop to see all our musicals.

Some of the musicals are longer in length (well over an hour) and lend themselves more to full-on productions involving soloists, choir, actors, instrumentalists, etc and perhaps several performances in a week. These musicals include Rock – the story of Simon Peter, Mary Magdalene, Angel Voices, Snakes and Ladders, From Pharaoh to Freedom, Pharisee – the story of Nicodemus, Jail Break and Wildfire – the story of Stephen.

Others are shorter (around 40 minutes) and would fit well into a church service or as a school production and are easily suited to being performed with a backing track or just piano, and maybe a few live instrumentalists. These include musicals such as Jerusalem Joy, Stargazers, Apostle – Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus, David, Saints Alive, Greater than Gold, Jairus’ Daughter, Simeon and The INN Crowd. 

For those who enjoy getting their teeth into 4-part choral singing, there is plenty to satisfy, but the musicals work equally well sung in unison, or 2-part if needed. There are backing tracks available for all of our musicals as well as orchestral parts aimed at musicians of around Grade IV standard. All of the musicals aim to involve whoever would like to take part and be adaptable in any way that is required for you. Please see our shop for more information on each musical and do contact us if you require any further help with this. 

Why put on a musical?

People learn when you tell them a story and when you set those stories to music it adds a whole new dimension. Watch the short video below to find out more about why our musicals are performed all around the world!


If you don’t have the time or resources to learn and perform a musical yourself, why not invite CMM to come and lead a Musical-in-a-Day for you! All you need is a group of people who enjoy singing (regardless of whether they all read music) and a venue to hold the event. We can provide the rest: music books to buy or borrow, backing track or orchestral parts, soloists, instrumentalists and conductor. A day of fun rehearsal workshops will culminate in a performance for friends, family and the local community.

A Musical-in-a-Day requires minimal admin and preparation by you beforehand – and it can pay for itself if all the participants pay a nominal sum to take part and if the audience are happy to pop something in the collection basket at the end of the performance. 

For more information, please contact us.