CMM has a range of resources produced by other writers and musicians – people who have been closely associated with CMM for many years and whose products are very much in line with our aims and ethos. We have selected a few highlights below, or see our full range at our shop.

Tim Jones has created a range of backing tracks to cover different seasons and are great to use in a variety of settings. Tim has also produced an instrumental Jazz Album with his son Michael, giving some of Roger’s songs a new twist!

Alison writes many of the lyrics for Roger’s songs and has also produced some of her own books of poems for different occasions. She has also written a novel based on the Biblical character Barnabas which is linked to the Musical written with Roger by the same name. 

Peter Lawrence was Roger’s former Vicar and whose teaching on the Holy Spirit has helped shape the ministry as it is now. Peter has worked closely with Roger to produce ‘Squidgy Bod’ – a collection of children’s books with resources included for Sunday Schools. He has also written books on the Holy Spirit and healing as well as resources to accompany some of Roger’s musicals.