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What it costs

You can expect a team led by either Roger, Annie or Helen, with other singers, musicians and workshop leaders, depending on the programme agreed between CMM and yourselves. The team incur expenses for your event, and we would ask that you consider the following figures as an approximate guide to what you should be aiming to donate to the CMM Trust for your event.

Full weekend                                          £500
Full day                                                  £250
One session (half day or evening)         £150

The above fees can be amended as necessary - we realise that some churches may not be able to reach these figures, and we ask that you ’phone us to discuss figures before your event rather than feel that you have to cancel because you can’t afford the team!

We also appreciate that some churches are able to donate more than the minimum. This helps to fund the work of the Trust and enables us to go to some churches at reduced or no cost.

    • Friday evening
    • Saturday - two out of three sessions (morning, afternoon, evening)
    • Sunday - morning (extra sessions by arrangement)
  • A DAY
    • Normally two out of three sessions
    • (morning, afternoon, evening)
  • SESSION afternoon or evening

If you have any queries about the cost please contact the CMM office – 01527 576 440 or email

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