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Musical in a Day

Musical In a Day

Hosting a CMM musical-in-a-day is a great way of enjoying fellowship and music-making together, building community and building up local folk in their faith in Christ. There is a minimum of admin. required beforehand – just publicity, and liaison with CMM – and the day can pay for itself if a small charge is made to each person taking part, and a freewill offering taken up at the performance.

CMM provides: conductor, soloists, bookstall (for people to buy or borrow copies of the vocal score), backing track or instrumentalists

Local church provides: the venue, refreshments, piano/keyboard, a choir (often made up of churches together, or all the churches in a circuit)

A typical programme

  • 0930 - CMM Team arrives (conductor, soloists, etc.)
  • 1000 - Welcomes, introductions, opening prayer
    •   Rehearsal workshop I
  • 1130 - Break for refreshments
  • 1200 - Rehearsal workshop II
  • 1300 - Lunch
  • 1400 - Rehearsal workshop III
  • 1500 - Comfort break
  • 1515 - Putting it all together (with narrator, instruments, dancers, if appropriate)
  • 1630 - Thought for the day + prayer for the performance and those attending
  • 1700 - Performance

If the hosting church would like the performance to be at 1900 or 1930 in the evening, we would start the day with a shared lunch (often jacket potatoes, fillings, salads and puddings) at 1200 and rehearse in the afternoon, stopping for tea/coffee and bring & share cakes before the performance.

For further information, plus a list of CMM musicals suitable to learn from scratch in-a-day, see our website or contact us on 01527 576440.

Please note: The CMM team welcomes the opportunity to link Saturday events with Sunday services where Roger would preach and our CMM would lead worship.

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