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Musical Man

Musical Man

Roger Jones and his Team will perform his autobiographical musical ‘MUSICAL MAN’, assisted by your local choir. This is an opportunity to meet musical man Roger Jones and hear the story of his response to God’s Call.

The musical is 90 minutes long and there is no interval.

A Christian composer, former music teacher and currently an Anglican Reader in the Birmingham Diocese, Roger is also Director of Christian Music Ministries.

The ‘day’ often takes up two mid-week evenings but could also be done in a day with a rehearsal starting in the afternoon from 1400-1630 and the presentation taking place at 1900 or 1930 in the evening.

A typical programme

  • 1230 - CMM Team arrives
  • 1330 - Lunch
  • 1430 - Choir Rehearsal
  • 1600 - Break
  • 1630 - Final Rehearsal
  • 1800 - Tea
  • 1900 - Prayers
  • 1930 - Musical Man Presentation

A mid-week programme can take place over two evenings, with the team’s arrival (6-7 people) at 1900 and a rehearsal at 1930. The second evening would start with a light tea at 1800 and the Musical Man Presentation would take place at 1930. Overnight accommodation would be required for the CMM Team on the first night.

Please note: The CMM team welcomes the opportunity to link Saturday events with Sunday services where Roger would preach and our CMM would lead worship.

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