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Spirit Works Programme

Spirit Works

An introduction to themes from the latest resource by Christian Music Ministries including worship led by CMM with music from CMM and other sources.

This programme focuses on the work of the Holy Spirit and introduces the latest resource by Christian Music Ministries for individuals, congregations and groups. Do we want more of God in our lives, in our worship, in our church life? We'll be putting this practical handbook into practice. Spirit Works is rooted in local church life - sharing the joy and excitement of living life in the power of the Holy Spirit – and includes Bible teaching, personal stories and lots of reflective activities.

  • 1000 - Registration and coffee/tea
  • 1030 - Session 1: Remembering his promises
    •   Including worship, Bible teaching
  • 1130 - Break
  • 1145 - Workshops (choose from...)
    •   Receiving his power
    •   Initial filling of the Spirit
    •   Responding to his presence
    •   Fruit and gifts of the Spirit
  • 1300 - Lunch
  • 1400 - Session 2: Repeating his pattern
    •   Praying for /ministering to others
  • 1500 - Break
  • 1515 - Session 3: Releasing his people
    •   Including worship, Bible teaching.
    •   Anointing/prayer ministry available.
  • 1630 - Close

Please note: The CMM team welcomes the opportunity to link Saturday events with Sunday services where Roger would preach and our CMM would lead worship.

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