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Christian Music Ministries Trust (CMM Trust)

Purpose Statement
The purpose of the trustees is to evaluate and monitor the general direction of the ministry and to co-ordinate the financial support

CMM Trust was formerly the East Birmingham Renewal Group Trust. It was established in 1984. The name was changed in 2016.

The finances of the Trust are raised by:

  • Donations from individuals through Gift Aid
  • Donations from individuals (not Gift Aid)
  • Donations from churches, which have conferences and seminars on worship and music ministry, led by teams from Christian Music Ministries (CMM)
  • Donations from churches, which perform Roger Jones musicals

Christian Music Ministries Trust is registered in England and Wales as a charitable trust with registration no. 516643. The trust does not employ staff or carry out business. It makes a grant to Christian Music Ministries to undertake its ministry. The Trust is currently administered by seven trustees.

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"We feel privileged to have such an able group of men and women supporting and advising the ministry"
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