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Peter Jones

Our wonderful son, Peter, went to be with Jesus on Saturday 25 May 2002. Words cannot describe the loss and shock we feel. It is almost unbearable, but the love, prayers and messages from our Christian friends throughout the world are helping us through this, most darkest period. We know that Peter is now in a far happier place, and that one day we shall be with him again. We trust our Lord Jesus to keep him safe, and thank God that he gave us Peter for 22 years.

During the last few years of his life, Peter achieved three major ambitions:
(1) to be a drum teacher - he grew a good number of pupils which he taught at home, and taught one afternoon per week at a local School,
(2) to play drums in public - he played in various bands and often helped CMM out with their ministry events,
(3) to play in a recording studio - he played on six Albums: Snakes & Ladders, Tongues of Fire (Adele Overton), Roger Jones Hymn Collection Vol 1, Roger Jones Hymn Collection Vol 2, Roger Jones Christmas Collection and Wildfire.

Peter Jones on Drums

Peter played Drums superbly on the WILDFIRE CD. The CDs and Cassettes arrived at our house just the day before Peter died, and we took the first copy up to his room that morning. Each time we perform the Musical (starting with the launching tours November 2002, April 2003, November 2003) is an occasion where we shared his great gift in service of his Lord. We have now performed WILDFIRE in India, Canada, Scotland and many other places, including Crete, and it is always a great comfort to hear his wonderful playing.

Wildfire CD

In April 2002 Peter played Drums at the Birmingham Symphony Hall at the Bishop´s Farewell Celebration. It was his largest ever audience and he played quite superbly. We have received hundreds of messages, calls and letters, many saying how much they valued Pete´s friendship and teaching ability. This helps us in dealing with the reality each day we wake that it is not a dream, and that he is no longer with us.

Peter at the Birmingham Symphony Hall

We have, in fact, received messages from all over the world about Peter. All have paid great tribute to him as a friend, fellow student, teacher and colleague. Our greatest thoughts of him are as a wonderful, humble and gentle son and brother. We are greatly missing him.

Peter Playing Drums Peter´s Diploma

Peter was completing a two-year Advanced Diploma Course at ATM Studios in Birmingham in CONTEMPORARY POPULAR MUSIC. Even though he died before the end of the course he was still awarded the Diploma. The Certificate and Report show how well he succeeded. (See above)

Peter Mug Shot Peter Playing Drums

Peter´s brothers, Tim and Andrew, and his sister Sally join us in our grief, but together we affirm our faith and hope in Jesus Christ - "the resurrection and the life". We look forward to being with Peter once more, when we praise our great Lord together.

Boy with Candle Peter with Ferrets

Peter´s funeral was followed by a thanksgiving service. This was attended by over 200 people. Tim played drums, Sally spoke of her memories of Peter and Andrew designed the lovely service card. We prepared a PowerPoint presentation of "pictures of Pete", showing photos of him from 5 minutes old. It was a very moving and praiseful occasion - a fitting tribute to a wonderful young man.

Peter on the Drums

If anyone would like to make a donation in memory of Peter we have chosen the MUSIC AND WORSHIP FOUNDATION who run a degree course at the London School of Theolgy (formerly London Bible College). We value their work with Christian musicians. (Cheques, etc., can be sent to CMM.)

Pete CD

CMM have released "Pete", a CD containing a selection of Tracks from each of the six albums on which Peter played. It will be £9.99 (inc.VAT) and for each sale we donate £1 to the "Music and Worship Foundation". (CMM052CD)

Thank you all for your love and support.

Roger and Mary Jones

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