One of the biggest joys at CMM is when God leads Roger into a ‘creative phase.’ He works with existing lyrics (often hymns) and with lyricist Alison Fuggle, to create a new musical or collection of songs. Then a number of others spring into action: Tim Jones, Chris King and Annie Routley work on backing tracks, Annie typesets the music book and orchestrates instrumentalists, soloists, backing vocalists and instrumentalists record in the studio and artwork is created by Andrew Jones. It is a long creative process, and we always pray that the end result will be both glorifying to God and accessible to all performers, whatever their abilities. Now 24 musicals have been released, as well as other collections and individual anthems.

CMM’s involvement doesn’t stop once the musicals have been launched. The CMM team regularly visit churches and other groups to lead musical in a day events, or to take part in a final production with soloists and Bible teaching. The team also love to spend time at Christian conference centres or hotels leading music weeks where the guests spend a few days learning the musical to perform at the end of the week alongside times of worship and Bible study. We also occasionally hold Musical Man events where Roger shares his testimony, illustrated with songs from his musicals. 


Over the years God has repeatedly led CMM to minister in churches where music is led by perhaps just a pianist or guitarist and a couple of classical instruments, rather than by a well-equipped ‘rock’ band. We deeply believe that worship with such limited resources absolutely can be Spirit-led and enable worshippers to come into the Most Holy Place. To aid this, in 2013 we produced a book called ‘Worship Works’.

The CMM team regularly travels to churches to lead Worship Works events, over an evening, day or weekend, full of teaching, workshops and, of course, worship.

Life in the Spirit

The work of the Holy Spirit has always been a strong feature at CMM. Even in the musicals, there is often space for choir members to improvise in worship, or for soloists to sing out what they feel the Lord might be saying. Another feature of Roger’s music has been the ‘ministry song’, where words from God are sung over those listening.

In 2017, the book ‘Spirit Works’ was published, and just as with Worship Works, the CMM team love to visit churches to lead days and weekends for Spirit Works events, featuring teaching from this book.

Regional Representatives

CMM is blessed with a number of key supporters around the UK and abroad who act as our Regional Representatives. These are people who have been involved with the ministry in some form and who share in our vision and enthusiasm to encourage and facilitate our ministry and materials in their area using their local knowledge and contacts. 

If you would like to know more about what is taking place in your area, do get in touch with your local rep here or contact the CMM office.