This week we heard that from 19th July 2021, in England, all legal Covid restrictions are to be lifted, including singing as part of congregational worship.

About a year ago a friend of mine asked during a Zoom gathering what we would most like to do when we came out of lockdown. For the majority of people it was things like ‘Hug’ or ‘Eat at a restaurant’ as well as ‘See family and friends.’ I was deeply missing friends and family and normal social interactions, but when I searched my heart, the thing I was desperate for was corporate worship. Above everything else, I wanted to go to a big conference and join with a host of people who were lost in wonder, love and praise.

Of course in lockdown we could all worship by singing along at home, but I felt in my bones a great need: we are called to be the body of Christ; to come together, to worship as an interconnected whole – individual devotion is great but it isn’t enough. To weep together, confess together, dance together, proclaim together, heal together. Others have spoken and written eloquently on the theology of why corporate worship is an essential part of our Christian life and work, but I just know it as an inner longing.

And to that end, it is wonderful that the first CMM event after restrictions lift is a whole week to do just that – to worship together. Roger, Mary, Annie and a team from CMM are going to be leading a Worship Works week from 30th August to 3rd September at Thornleigh hotel in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria. It is a wonderful opportunity to focus on our indescribable, uncontainable God through Bible teaching and times of sung worship, with plenty of space to encounter Him in His glorious creation. There may be a couple of sessions with more specialist content for those who are worship leaders and instrumentalists, but the majority will be completely accessible to anyone who loves worshipping Jesus.

The Father is seeking worshippers who will worship Him in the Spirit and in truth. We’re thrilled to be able to invite you to join with us to worship Him face to face – face to face with one another, and face to face with our Lord.


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